Hanafee Bros. Sawmill Co., Inc.

Business History

The Hanafee family has been in the hardwood lumber business for more than eighty years beginning as Jackson Sawmill Co. in Jackson, Tennessee. Since 1906, the Hanafee family has logged the hills and the rich Obion River bottoms in Northwest Tennessee. An abundance of fine timber and a motivated work force made Obion County the choice for the family in 1952 to locate a second permanent mill. The town of Troy was chosen because it's central location, seventy miles from Jackson and twenty miles from the Kentucky state line, provided access to abundant fine timber located in nearby Southern Missouri and Illinois.

Retaining quality employees is a lifelong tradition at Hanafee Bros. Sawmill Company. We strive to make each employee feel that he/she is an integral part of the process and that their dedication and participation ensures a difference in the final product.

Employee training is a key ingredient at Hanafee Bros. and the result is that customers are assured of a quality product. Hanafee Bros.' inspectors and managers attend many new and innovative seminars to stay abreast of new ideas and market changes. From the felled log to our finished product, our employees are constantly checking and grading. They are NHLA graduates of the full inspection-training course.

Our business follows a long family tradition of providing quality hardwoods. Specialized rift and quarter sawing continues at Hanafee Bros. Sawmill Co., Inc., owned and operated by Donald Hanafee, Jr. We work to provide consistent and dependable service while meeting customers needs in a timely manner.


Hanafee Bros. is a member of and takes an active role in trade organizations. The organizations we belong to include:

American Hardwood Export Council - The AHEC membership gives Hanafee Bros. a competitive edge in meeting the growing worldwide demand. AHEC serves the export needs of all major product trade associations by promoting American hardwood products worldwide, tracking critical international market trends and export opportunities and educates potential foreign buyers.

National Hardwood Lumber Association – The NHLA is the industry's watchdog for order, structure and ethics in the hardwood marketplace. Working to build positive relationships in the hardwood community, NHLA works to assure sustainable and available sawtimber to meet member's needs.

Hardwood Manufacturers' Association – The HMA provides consumer education on hardwood basics, from forests to finishes, at their Hardwood Information Center. Facts, tips and useful advice, as well as species guides, for hardwood are provided.

Hanafee Bros.' dedication to excellence assures consistency and dependability. We want your business and welcome the opportunity to answer your hardwood questions or discuss your raw material and lumber needs.

Company Quick Facts

6' Bandmill
36" Stait O Plane
All Oak Shed Dried
Dry Kilns - 250,000 ft.
Total Annual Production: 6,500,000 ft.
Total Annual AD Inventory: 2,500,000 ft.
Total KD Inventory: 1,500,000 ft.
Available Species: red oak, white oak, ash, sycamore, cottonwood, elm, poplar, sassafras, walnut, hackberry, sap gum and others.

Hanafee Bros. Sawmill Co., Inc.
P.O. Box 157 | 520 East Harper | Troy, TN 38260
Phone: 731-536-4682 |Fax: 731-536-4758 | Email: hanafeebros@bellsouth.net