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Hanafee Bros. Sawmill offers the latest in technology and our advanced drying facilities can meet any specifications for the client. Our quality hardwoods range from red oak, white oak, ash, sycamore, cottonwood, elm, poplar, sassafras, walnut, hackberry, sap gum and others. A large variety of manufacturers choose our products for furniture, flooring, cabinets, stair parts and moldings and many more items. See Examples

Conventional steam dry kilns, with a total capacity of 250,000 board feet, can handle the fine hardwoods the customer expects. All oaks are shed dried to ensure that the best product possible reaches the customer. Following treatment in conventional steam dry kilns, the lumber is re-inspected. End trimming is always performed a second time to insure a better product.

At Hanafee Bros., we have invested in the highest quality equipment. Our computerized Salem carriage, powered by a Tyrone shotgun hydraulic feed, ensures a smooth flow thru the 6" McDonough band mill. A 36" Oliver Straitoplane puts a quality finish to the product that is graded again after surfacing. Hanafee Bros. Sawmill will surface to your specifications. Straight line and ripping is also provided as a customer service and we will work to your exact fixed width.

After kiln drying, lumber is graded to exceed all National Hardwood Lumber Association standard grading rules. Lumber is precision graded.

Hanafee Bros. offers a wide range of thicknesses, widths and lengths.

Thickness Range: 3/4"= 3/4" or 18mm to 16/4= 4" or 102mm*
*Hardwood lumber is produced and sold rough sawn. Thickness is determined in kiln dried wood by measuring the distance between the two faces of a piece along the board’s edge.

Lengths: You can choose random lengths or specified lengths.

We offer all types of trimming, ripping, planing and sorting to suit our customer's particular needs. Our lumber is surfaced to your specifications. The log deck inventory is sprinkled year-round to ensure a fresh and even inventory flow.

Hanafee Bros. produces and ships eight million board feet of the finest quality hardwood annually. Nothing goes to waste at Hanafee Bros. We value our natural resources and make every effort to use all portions of our wood. Lumber not meeting our rigid specifications is used in low grade lumber industrial blocking, timbers, railroad ties, pallets, bark and wood chips - even the sawdust is marketed.

We invite you to visit our mill and see first hand what makes Hanafee Bros. Sawmill stand out from the competition.

Hanafee Bros.' Specialties:

We are glad to help you determine the proper sawing method for your order. Each sawing method produces distinct grain patterns and our rift and quarter sawn logs are separated by diameter for the most yielding grain pattern.

Plain Sawing
Conventional plain sawing at Hanafee Bros. is done by cutting tangentially to the tree rings. This creates the flame-shaped grain consumers like to find in hardwood flooring or in millwork. With cost-effective plain sawing, you get the most lumber from each log.

Rift Sawing
Specialized rift sawing is a tradition at Hanafee Bros. By using rift sawing, cutting at a 30-degree or greater angle, the finished board has accentuated vertical or straight grains. Rift sawing is reserved for fine furniture and other special products where matching the grain is important.

Quarter Sawing
Specialized quarter sawing is a tradition at Hanafee Bros. In this method, the log is cut at a 90-degree angle to the rings, producing vertical grains. These beautiful boards are often used for decorative purposes; however the yield per log is lower than in other methods and results in higher costs.

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