Hanafee Bros. Sawmill Co., Inc.

Environmental Management

Hanafee Bros. is dedicated to promoting environmental management through the efficient use and maintenance of natural resources. Our company understands the importance of the constant protection of the environment and of sustaining a balanced ecosystem for future generations to enjoy. Company owned and sustainable managed timberlands provide a basis on which quality hardwoods are managed and grown for future generations to enjoy.

National Hardwood Lumber Association

Hanafee Bros. Sawmill is an active member of the National Hardwood Lumber Association. The NHLA believes that the management and utilization of forests can meet present needs without compromising the ability of growing populations and future generations to meet their needs. We believe in their philosophy of integrating the reforestation, growing, nurturing and harvesting of trees for useful products along with the conservation of soil, air and water while maintaining animal and plant diversity and the beauty of nature. As members of NHLA, we follow the organization's principles that forest landowners have an important stewardship responsibility to society.

Best Management Practices

The Hanafee Bros. practice land management and reforestation by participation in the Best Management Practices (BMP), part of the federal Clean Water Act. Through detailed forest management and the use of Tennessee's Department of Agriculture, Division of Forestry BMP, Hanafee Bros. practices soil conservation and takes steps to keep air and water clean as we grow, nurture and harvest trees.

From the smallest seedling to the finished hardwood, Hanafee Bros.' employees take full responsibility for the stewardship of the land and the protection of its natural resources. Down to the last detail - wood waste that is utilized as fuel for the boiler and landscape mulch- we leave nothing to waste and nothing to chance. After all, we know that our future depends upon our actions today.

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