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Fraxinus Americana, Ash, has heartwood that is a grayish-brown, but is sometimes red-tinged wood. Ash has several names including White, Green, Red, Black and Brown Ash. Ash is a member of the Oeaceae olive family. The oil in the wood is chemically similar to olive oil. The deciduous woodland tree is not found in pure strands but is widely distributed among other species.

White Ash has a clear white to pale yellow sapwood, with heartwood more light to medium brown. Black Ash is usually pale brown or tan. The wood is straight grained and coarse but with a smooth texture. This beautiful wood takes an excellent finish and a beautiful stain. Ash veneer is pleasing and attractive.

Ash has properties particularly suitable for furniture because it possesses sufficient strength and hardness but is not too hard to work with satisfactorily. It holds its shape well and exhibits a good figure when plain-sawed.

An ideal handle wood, it is extensively used for tools, agriculture equipment, and sporting goods, such as bats, oars, hockey sticks, snow shoes, and pool cues. Other woods are stronger but Ash has the best strength-to-weight ratio. It is a good choice for any fine woodworking project.

It provides a strong, stiff material for refrigerators, implements and containers where it is necessary for the wood to impart no odor to food products. Ash is also ideal for bent work, upholstery and construction frames, vehicle parts, and aircraft parts, such as propellers, longerons, and bearing blocks.

Northern Ash

Natural color: White to brown.
Grain: Plain or fiddle back.
Texture: Ring porous, coarse-textured.
Color variation: Medium to extreme color difference.
Hardness: Hard.
Stiffness: High.
Strength: Good.
Stability: (ability to stay in place) – High.
Decay resistance: Low.
Bending: Good.
Nail holding and screw holding: Fair.
Gluing: Fair to good.
Machining: Excellent.
Sanding: Fair.2/0 grit is coarsest can be used to polish without scratching.
Workability with hand tools: Poor.
Planing, molding and jointing: Good. Cutting angle -15 to 30 degs. finish – 11 to 15 knife cuts per in.
Boring: Fair.
Turning: Good.
Paint holding: Excellent.
Staining: Good. Takes any type stain.
Finishing: Good. Takes all finishing materials well-lacquer, varnish, or synthetics.

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